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Real Testimonials


SC. C. 5 star 


Cat does a wonderful job.  She is very prompt, professional, and  responsive.  I have done electrolysis as well as laser, and find that  the laser removal simply did not work long term.  Going back to  electrolysis was something I had to work up to, as I recall it being  painful and time consuming.  Cat is a joy to chat with, she manages to  get the job done with little to no discomfort (especially if I am  hydrated!), and the time flies by.  The price point is right, and I've  never had a problem.  Thanks, Cat!

Carol R. 5 star  


I didn't know what to expect when I came to my first appointment with  Cat Rooney.  She told me what the process can be like, educated me about  hair growth stages, and assured me we would take the hair removal in  bite-size doses.

During the first few sessions, she coached me  through some breathing and relaxation so I would be better able to  handle the work. She also tried different settings on her machine to  find what worked best for me and my skin and nervous system. It helped  immensely, and her treatments are quite easy to handle.

Cat is  compassionate and always willing to work with where I am on any given  day. She takes the time at the end of the treatment to calm my skin  down, and two hours after my appointment, no one can tell I've had  electrolysis, except for the fact that I have less hair on my face!

I highly recommend Cat to all my friends and colleagues who feel they need electrolysis.

Julie Johnson  5 star 

August, 2018
Cat is simply a joy to work with. So very knowledgeable and always happy to talk to you about the process. I’ve been seeing her for almost a year now and never once have I had cause to regret it.

Alissa Smith 5 star
June, 2018
Cat does such a great job of treating my skin and hair just right to clear unwanted hair. She’s very pleasant to be around as well and accommodating.

Chantal Prost 5 star  

June, 2018 

Attention Ladies!! Are you tired of plucking unwanted facial hair? Then you need to book an appointment with Cat! She is wonderful and the visit is so relaxing! It's almost like a spa treatment! Cat is extremely reasonably priced to boot! Feel free to ask me any questions!

Jennifer Lynn  5 star
June, 2018
Cat is amazing at hair removal. She put me totally at ease and made the process fly by. Highly recommend.

Aileen B   5 star
June, 2018
Great at her job,  and a lovely person to be around. Thank you for zapping these problem hairs, Cat!

coco nuttz  5 star
July, 2018
Cat is not only knowledgeable about her craft she is kind and a joy to be around. If you are looking to get permanent hair removal you've found your girl!

Diane Taylor  5 star
July, 2017
Cat is very knowledgeable about the process and I felt very comfortable with her. I would recommend her services.